Pittsburgh Today Live 10/24/17 - New Products for Fall & Home


65” - The most beautiful TV you've never seen

(800) 726-7864


$1999.00 to $ 2799.00

  • Integrates a beautiful design with high quality technology
  • Transforms into a beautiful work of art when you are not watching TV
  • 4K Ultra HD screen technology
  • Art mode featuring selected works… or you can use your photos
  • No gap wall-mount and invisible connection hide unsightly cables
  • Voice control and TV to mobile/mobile to TV mirroring





(800) 859-2501

  • Creates 600 cubic feet per minute – most powerful blower in its class. 
  • Produces 35 percent more air volume than competitors
  • No maintenance, no pollution
  • 6.4-lb. blower – variable speed – 60 to 110 mph. 
  • Fastest in clearing a quarter acre lot, A typical suburban home.
  • 12 amp axial fan motor pulls air directly into the fan and forces it out

WORX Turbine Fusion

(800) 859-2501
Amazon & Walmart

  • Combines high capacity air volume at 500 cfm (cubic-feet-per-minute) with turbine fan technology
  • Operates at two speeds
  • Two-stage, metal-impeller, system delivers industry leading 24:1 mulch ratio.
  • Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher/Bagger

WORX 56 Volt Cordless Turbine Fusion Blower

(800) 859-2501
Amazon & Walmart

  • 56-volt max lithium battery combines cordless & powerful fan
  • Multi-speed fan control
  • Hyper-stream nozzle
  • Has turbo-boost

Omron Healthcare Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor

(866) 216-1333
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  • Sunday, October 29th, is World Stroke Day.
  • According to the CDC, more than one-third of Americans are hypertensive
  • More than 75 percent of Americans who have a stroke have high blood pressure.
  • One-piece monitor that redefines the experience of checking your blood pressure.
  • It’s a sleek, untethered experience. No tabletop unit, no tubes, no wires.
  • Portable unit is a clinically proven accurate medical device
  • Fits easily on the upper arm – blood pressure reading is displayed in bold numbers on the face of the device
  • Uses Omron Healthcare’s exclusive heart health algorithm, Advanced Accuracy, to measure more data points and eliminate movements to get the most precise readings
  • Contains Bluetooth technology, which syncs the unit with the Omron Connect US App so you can store, share and track your blood pressure data over time

Volkswagen Atlas SUV

Starting at $30,500
(800) 822-8987

  • Built in the USA
  • Large Mid-Size SUV
  • Excellent Passenger & Cargo Volume
  • The only vehicle in its class to have Automatic Post-Collision Braking
  • Available “4 Motion” All Wheel Drive

Wisenet Smart Cam D-1


  • A unique DIY home security solution
  • First video doorbell with face recognition alerts
  • Features human detection technology that eliminates false alerts
  • Enabled with smart abnormal sound detection
  • See who is there on your app
  • Cloud recording option

Eero Wifi System

$199.00 to $399.00  (877)-659-2347

  • Instead of a single router, Eero utilizes multiple access points throughout the home 
  • Eero helps eliminate dead zones and buffering
  • Set up only takes a few minutes and happens through a smartphone app
  • Automatic updates ensure Eero stays updated and improves with tim

Batteroo Boost Battery Saver

(844) 827-6673

  • Reusable Micro Thin Sleeve
  • Revive old batteries
  • Optimize new batteries
  • Save Energy
  • Increase battery life

Innergie USB-C

Starting at $9.99
(877) 988-6388

  • Plugs in any direction
  • Faster speeds
  • Works with all platforms
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