Great Day Washington 10/19/18 - New Tech Products


Available online at, Staples, Office Depot, and now available in select Office Depot stores nationwide.

  • Easy to use, high quality materials

  • Today's most-lauded push-button standing desk converter

  • Improves both your health and productivity

  • Height can be set for someone as short as 5’ or as tall as 6’6”

  • White Board Surface available

  • Can support up to 80 lbs.

  • Made in USA

NUCLEUM by KINGSTON (7-in-1 Type-C Hub)

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7-in-1 USB Type-C hub for newer MacBook (2016 and newer)

  • With limited USB ports on MacBook, Nucleum gives you more ports to be productive.

  • 7 ports include:

    • USB-C (power input)

    • USB-C (data)

    • HDMI

    • USB-A (x2)

    • SD card slot

    • MicroSD card slot

    • HDMI input supports Multi-display and video out on mobile devices. You can connect two monitors or mirror your laptop screen

  • Power Delivery Pass Through – you can charge your MacBook through Nucleum while simultaneously using all ports


Starting at $34.99
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  • Free up Storage space for more Photos & Videos on your iPhone & iPad

  • Take another 32,000 photos and 8 hours of Video

  • Back-up just your new Photos, Videos, entire camera roll or a folder to BOLT

  • Simple-to-use App complements Apple design

  • Slim-form design is the same width as iPhone so you can lay flat on a table

  • Protective carrying case


$79.99 to $149.99
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  • Light-duty 20V chainsaw -Tree trimming, Pruning and Stockpiling of firewood

  • Cuts tree limbs up to 10 inches in diameter

  • Turn dial to tension chain -- prevents over-tightening, includes automatic oiler

  • Use it as a chainsaw or get the 2-in-1 pole saw combo and  you can trim tree limbs up to 12 feet off the ground

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