Good Day Chicago 3/20/27 - New Products with Dr. Frank

Samsung OLED-TV 


  • New and advanced quantum dots deliver the best viewing experience
  • Brighter picture, better contrast and virtually perfect color
  • Quick and simple to install, whether on a wall mount or a stand
  • Virtually invisible cables, avoids messy cords
  • Intuitive Samsung Smart TV interface provides mobile integration

Metrovac 500 Watt Stainless Vac 

$ 106.50
(800) 822-1602

  • Because of its exceptional power and versatility, the 500 Vac leads the Industry in Performance
  • The Stainless Steel Body will provide years of service with durability
  • Pet turbine driven hand brush picks-up pet hairs easily

SimpleHuman Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump

$ 50.00
(877) 988-7770

  • Automatically dispenses just the right amount of rich, creamy foam
  • Cordless and rechargeable and lasts up to 3 months on one charge
  • Provides a luxurious hand-washing experience
  • Takes the hassle out of refilling your soap pump
  • Developed a click-in cartridge system to make refills fast, easy and mess-free

Press & Click Storage Containers

(800) 336-4726

  • Air tight and water tight
  • BPA free
  • Won't warp or change in size, closes on container base not lid
  • Comes in all shapes and sizes
  • Easy to use with handles built-in
  • Microwave and top shelf dishwasher safe

EZ Wipe Marker 

(800) 336-4726

  • The industry's first wet/dry marker specifically designed for plastic and glass
  • Dries in 2-4 seconds and won't come off without a damp cloth
  • Leaves no residue
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Comes in fine point or medium point
  • Comes in a four pack with different colors

Sondpex Tunes2Go Bicycle Audio

$ 69.99
(877) 997-7888

  • Double LED Headlights can be used as Flashlight as well
  • Bluetooth Music Player connects wirelessly to your phone
  • Built-in Phone Holder
  • Play music from Micro SD Card
  • Charge your phone while riding
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