Pittsburgh Today Live 10/16/18 - New Tech for the Home

NUCLEUM by KINGSTON (7-in-1 Type-C Hub)

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  • 7-in-1 USB Type-C hub for newer MacBook (2016 and newer)

  • With limited USB ports on MacBook, Nucleum gives you more ports to be productive.

  • 7 ports include:

    • USB-C (power input)

    • USB-C (data)

    • HDMI

    • USB-A (x2)

    • SD card slot

    • MicroSD card slot

    • HDMI input supports Multi-display and video out on mobile devices. You can connect two monitors or mirror your laptop screen

  • Power Delivery Pass Through – you can charge your MacBook through Nucleum while simultaneously using all ports


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  • Elegant frame design with a retina display, presenting photos in vibrant clarity

  • Easy-to-use app: Choose your photos and they'll appear on your frame like magic. No memory cards required.

  • Gesture control: Not in the mood for that photo? Don't have the app nearby? Change photos with the wave of a hand. Love a photo? Just swipe to "heart" and let the photographer know.

  • Facial recognition: Aura automatically creates collections with your photos of the people (and pets!) you love most. 

  • Energy conscious with an auto-dimming feature an auto-sleep setting


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  • The AirSelfie2 is a revolutionary pocket-size flying camera that connects to a smartphone to take HD photos and videos from the sky. 

  • Its turbo fan propellers can thrust up to 60 feet in the air letting the user capture original photos and videos. 

  • The anti-vibration shock absorber and 12 MP camera ensure the highest quality images and its ultra-light 2.8oz form makes it easy to carry. 

  • Additional features include: 16 GB Memory, 50 percent longer battery life, the choice of four colors!


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  • TRUE WIRELESS EARPHONES – Bluetooth up to 30Ft away

  • Tangle-free! No cord attached

  • Easy to Auto Pair (Bluetooth) Manage Playlists, Incoming calls, etc.

  • 6-Hour Playtime

  • Hands-Free Calling with a built-in Microphone

  • Light weight….only 5 grams!

  • The Case also charges the Earbuds


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  • Sweeps five times faster than a broom

  • Convenient sweeping that is easy on your back

  • Benefit of no contact with the dirt and debris

  • Two side brushes with long bristles ensure thorough cleaning even on edges

  • Extremely easy to maneuver with fold away storage

  • German Engineering


  • Proven to remove some of the toughest stains from a variety of surfaces, including carpets, upholstery (sofas and vehicle seats) and clothes

  • Biodegradable and Water-based

  • Breaks the bond between paint and the surface

  • Removes Spray Paint Graffiti as well as Oil & Enamel-Based paint

  • Great for removing paint transfer from vehicles


$79.99 - $149.99
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  • Light-duty 20 volt chainsaw -Tree trimming, Pruning and Stockpiling of firewood

  • Cuts tree limbs up to 10 inches in diameter

  • Turn dial to tension chain -- prevents over-tightening includes automatic oiler

  • Use it as a chainsaw or get the 2-in-1 pole saw combo and you can trim tree limbs up to 12 feet off the ground

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